Meditation Class Sunday 10:30am

** New venue: The Priory Street Centre **

Meditation for Everyone
with Richard Hoyle & Chris Schofield
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Meditations for Relaxation 

11 Feb – Breathing Meditation (Inner Peace)
18 Feb – Meditation with Visualisation (Pure Light)
25 Feb – Meditation with Mantra (Inspiration)

Meditations for a Clear Mind

4 Mar – Healing Meditation (Body of Light)
11 Mar – Meditation for a Clear Mind (Clarity)
18 Mar – Meditation on the Heart (The Root Mind)

Meditations for a Good Heart

25 Mar – Developing a Good Heart (Cherishing Others)
1 Apr – No Class (Easter Sunday)
8 Apr – Compassion for Others (Taking away Suffering)
15 Apr – Increasing Generosity (Giving Happiness)

  Classes are run on a drop-in basis so you’re welcome to join at any time.
£6 per class, or 4 classes for £20

Everyone is welcome!


What to expect at a class

We provide a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. When you arrive, a volunteer will register you before the class and direct you to the meditation space. Normally before class some announcements will be made.

Our experienced teachers are male or female, lay or ordained (Buddhist monk or nun). They will begin with an introduction, and guide a breathing meditation to help settle your mind. They will then give a teaching based on the topic of the class, with clear and logical explanations using examples and analogies.

An important characteristic of Modern Buddhism is to present Dharma teachings as personal advice that can be integrated into daily life. The intention of the teachings and guided meditations is to help you develop peaceful, clear and positive states of mind. This will help you develop your own inner wisdom, so that you can solve your daily problems and enjoy a more meaningful life.

Depending on the class, there will be either another guided meditation or a discussion with the opportunity to ask questions and clarify doubts.

All of our activities are run by volunteers, and we are a registered charity. The class and course fees help cover the costs of running the Centre. 


A nonprofit registered charity that relies on volunteers to offer meditation and Modern Buddhism as a public service.

In York:
Priory Street Centre, 15 Priory St, York, YO1 6ET
01759 304832

In Pocklington:
Kilnwick Percy Hall, Pocklington, York, YO42 1UF
01759 304832